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The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities faces state and federal regulatory requirements; rising energy, chemical and materials costs; and a continued need to replace or repair aging infrastructure such as pipes, facilities and equipment.

Current rates and other funding sources will not meet the needs identified by Utilities analysts and confirmed by FCS Group, an outside consulting firm specializing in utility rate-setting analysis. By law, Utilities can only charge rates sufficient to recover the costs of providing utility services.


Utilities did not increase rates in the 2011/12 fiscal year. Utilities saved money through improved efficiency and cost cutting. Many needed infrastructure projects were put on hold. Now, Utilities seeks a multi-year rate adjustment to fund a systematic program to repair and replace extremely outdated infrastructure.

In 2012, the majority of the budget will be spent on government and regulatory compliance and increased costs for energy, chemicals and materials for water, wastewater (sewer) and solid waste treatment and delivery. With added regulations and rising material costs, Utilities delayed overdue improvements to its aging infrastructure.

Where your Dollar Goes

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget.

*Budget in 000s

Current Status of Rate Analysis Process

Proposed Rate Increase Information
As a result of increased costs and the need for capital improvements, Utilities has recommended 3-year rate increase of 10% for water and for wastewater 16% (first year), 15% (second year) and 14% (third year). Rate increases would go into effect on July 1 each year. There is no proposal to increase solid waste or storm drainage rates at this time. The final rate proposal was adopted by the City Council on March, following the recommendation by the Utilities Rate Advisory Commission (URAC) to adopt the 3-year rate increase.

Proposed Rate Schedule
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Rate Projection Information
If you would like to receive a projection for your utility service account based on current usage and the proposed 3-year rate increases, please fill out the following form:
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